Sharing Our Lives: Caring for Elderly Parents

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Duration: 15 Hours

Start Date: 1/1/2020

Enrollment opens: 12/23/2019

Sharing Our Lives: Caring for Elderly Parents


Course Overview

They were the ones that protected us, fed us, and provided for our needs. An estimated 4-5 million Canadians are providing care for a family member, that’s one out of every five Canadians. This course gives you the tools to determine whether personal or professional care is more adequate. It covers different types of facilities for the elderly, talks about elder abuse, and the mourning of a parent/spouse. The course also covers the effect of elder care on the caregiver including the personal costs of caring: physical, emotional, productivity and financial. The course will give you practical information on reducing stress, balancing work and family, and asking for the help you may need in effectively caring for three generations.