Who can take courses through webCampus?

UFCW Canada members and their family members are eligible to take advantage of the webCampus program.

Do I need to pay for the courses offered through webCampus? 

All webCampus courses are available free-of-charge.

When do I receive my course certificate?

No more waiting for the mail!  Your course certificate is automatically generated when you complete a course.When you successfully complete the course requirements, a course certificate is automatically generated for you to print and/or save.   You will receive a notification when a certificate has been awarded.  To get your certificate(s) click on "My Brightspace" located on the home page navigation bar.  Click on AWARDS.  To print your certificate, click on the COURSE COMPLETE icon and then Generate your certificate.

Before I enroll in a course, I want to see the course description, how do I do this? 

If you are interested in a course and want to learn more about it BEFORE you enroll, click HERE

I do not want to continue with a course

If you do not wish to continue with a course and you want it removed from your account, please send an email to webcampusadmin@ufcw.ca with your name and the name of the course you want removed.