Adult Education: Needs Assessment & Evaluations

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Duration: 15 Hours

Start Date: 1/1/2020

Enrollment opens: 12/23/2019


Adult Education: Needs Assessment & Evaluations


Course Overview

One of the steps in an instructional course is determining the purpose of the course; another step is evaluating the results from a course.  A needs assessment is part of the planning processes and is often used to better understand the ‘why’s’ for having the training and the people who will be attending.  An evaluation is about making a judgement about the value of something.  It helps you see what was accomplished and how was it accomplished.  Both are effective tools to simplify problems and identify the right interventions or solutions.  The results of a needs assessment and an evaluation can guide you in decision making – including the design, functioning, and evaluation of projects and programs, that will lead to achieving your goals.

At the end of this course, you will have the answers to the following questions:

   • What is a needs assessment & what is an evaluation?
   • What steps are involved in conducting a needs assessment?
   • What steps are involved in conducting an evaluation?
   • What aspects of a needs assessment are important to its success?
   • What aspects of an evaluation are important