Culinary Skills: Cooking Foundations

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Duration: 15 Hours

Start Date: 1/1/2020

Enrollment opens: 12/23/2019


Culinary Skills: Cooking Foundations


Course Overview

So, you completed the webCampus course “Culinary Skills: Intro to the Industry,” and you're inspired to learn more. The journey of every chef starts with learning the fundamentals of cooking. Having a clear understanding of these basics is necessary in order to work in a professional kitchen.

“Culinary Skills: Cooking Foundations” will introduce you to: 
•    The general concept of cooking;
•    Understanding flavour and structure (how chefs create their dishes);
•    Culinary stocks (the fundamental basis for all culinary cooking);
•    Culinary sauces; and
•    Culinary cooking techniques and cooking methods.

Understanding these fundamentals will help ensure that your culinary journey begins on the right track.