Digital Foundations: Micro-credential

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Start Date: 5/4/2022

Enrollment opens: 5/4/2022


Digital Foundations: Micro-credential


Course Overview

To earn this micro credential, you must successfully complete the following 3 courses:

  • Microsoft Word Beginners
  • Microsoft Excel Beginners
  • Microsoft Outlook Basic
You do NOT need to redo any course you have successfully completed.  If you have completed all 3 courses, by enrolling in this course, your micro-credential will be released to your award folder.  Missing a course(s), simply enrol in the missing course(s) and once completed your micro-credential will be released to our award folder.

PLEASE NOTE:  INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED Micro-credential program will be available in June. 

Important: you must complete the mandatory course Exploring Digital Skills to access the required courses enrol HERE