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Enrollment opens: 12/18/2023



Many of our members find the courses on webCampus a great way to develop their professional skills, add to their resume and upgrade their capacities. Certificate Programs are another option you could do it.

We have updated five certificate programs and added a new one to assist our members in reaching their potential. All UFCW certificates are tuition free and give learners plenty of freedom to choose the courses they are most interested in. Plus:
  • Earning a micro-credential will allow you to stack your accomplishments. Micro-credentials highlight all the courses you’ve completed in a relevant, appealing package.
  • Less time to invest in order to complete. Rather than taking years to completed a degree, certificates can be accomplished in weeks vs years.
  • Greater course/module selection. You have more say on the courses you want to learn more about.
IMPORTANT: All the learning you have already completed can be used towards these certificates. And sharing your learning accomplishments with others is just one click away in your profile.

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